Tax Law


The taxation practice area provides legal counseling to our clients in matters related to taxation, both for companies that operate within the borders of Colombia, as well as international enterprises that wish to conduct business in the country.

The team advises our clients in the structuring of tax planning schemes in order to identify applicable legal taxation dispositions and possible efficiencies. Our legal advice includes services related to the necessary support towards achieving the compliance of taxation obligations, including the filing of tax reports before the Colombian tax authority (DIAN).

Additionally, our Team advises our clients’ thoroughly in relation with tax-related registrations, application and recognition of fiscal benefits, as well as the legal representation in dispute resolution regarding such matters.

Some of our services include:

  • Legal advising regarding income tax and others which affects legal entitites’ patrimony.
  • Taxation planning schemes for foreign companies who wish to establish regular businesses in Colombia.
  • Legal counseling in relation with international treaties to prevent double standard taxation.
  • Structuring of transference pricing compliance.
  • Taxation compliance.
  • Due diligence proceedings in matters relating with taxation purposes.
  • Taxation structuring of merger and acquisition transactions.
  • Legal representation in proceedings followed before the taxation administrative authority, as well as before the administrative jurisdiction.


  • Sura S.A.
  • Ferrero LADM
  • Ultractivos SAS
  • Daimler (Mercedes – Benz Compañía De Financiamiento Colombia S.A.)
  • Payc SAS


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