Finance and Capital Markets Law


Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos has been consistently recognised by clients as one of the most highly qualified Colombian firms in Banking, Finance and Capital Markets Law.

With respect to regulatory issues, the firm has acquired throughout the years an extensive experience in advising national and international clients regarding the legal framework applicable to the incorporation, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and liquidation of financial entities.

The practice area also provides permanent legal counselling to comply with financial regulations before the regulatory authorities in Colombia, inter alia the Colombian Central Bank, the Superintendence of Finance and the Auto-regulatory Authority of the Stock Market.

In addition, the firm has an important and acknowledged expertise and record on national and international debt restructuring, corporate financing and project finance, including infrastructure project finance. As for Capital Markets, our Team is appraised by its vast experience handling all kinds of financial operations. We have acted as legal counsels to several securities’ public offerings and provide permanent legal counselling to brokers in the structuring and implementation of intermediation activities.

Furthermore, the firm provides legal counsel with regard to derivative and structured debt instruments and has a recognized expertise in the structuring, incorporation and operations of private investment and equity funds.

Our service portfolio includes, amongst other services:

  • The incorporation of financial and capital markets institutions.
  • The representation before the Superintendence of Finance and the Auto-regulatory Authority of the Stock Market in administrative sanctioning procedures.
  • Public offerings.
  • Securities intermediation advisory.
  • Mergers and acquisition of companies subject the surveillance of the Superintendence of Finance.
  • Legal counsel on prudential dispositions compliance. 
  • Structuring of private equity or investment funds.
  • Drafting of structured credit agreements.
  • Project finance.
  • Guarantee-schemes structuring.
  • Due diligences.


Juan Pablo González Mejía

Telephone: (+571) 3122900 Ext 107


  • Seguros Generales Suramericana
  • AdCap Colombia S.A.
  • Corredores Davivienda S.A. Comisionista de Bolsa
  • Corporación Interamericana para el Financiamiento de la Infraestructura CIFI
  • Profesionales de Bolsa
  • Ultraserfinco S.A. Comisionistas de Bolsa
  • Acciones y Valores S.A. Comisionista de Bolsa
  • Helm Comisionista de Bolsa S.A.
  • Banco Corpbanca S.A., Old Mutual
  • Global Securities S.A. Comisionista de Bolsa
  • Bancolombia S.A.
  • Fiducia Bogotá S.A.
  • Asobolsa
  • Cámara de Riesgo Central de Contraparte de Colombia S.A. Ultralat Capital Markets Inc.
  • EFG Bank Oficina de Representación
  • EFG Bank
  • BTG Pactual
  • Alianza Valores S.A. Comisionista de Bolsa
  • Casa de Bolsa S.A. Comisionista de Bolsa
  • Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional
  • Banco Multibank S.A.
  • Bancoldex S.A.
  • Citibank Colombia S.A.


Finance and Capital Markets Law, Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial Law, Life Sciences Law, Infrastructure
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Finance and Capital Markets Law, Corporate Law, Commercial Law
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Finance and Capital Markets Law, Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial Law
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Financial Director
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