Agricultural Industry


Esguerra Asesores Juridicos has advised both national and foreign clients in agro-industrial matters, including a thorough participation in the incorporation of private equity funds to finance agricultural projects.

Additionally, we have acted on behalf of different companies in the sector, representing our clients’ interests in the most significant and complex lawsuits, including both, agricultural companies and governmental authorities.

The firm has specialized expertise in this sector’s regulations, widely praised and recognized by our clients. Due to this expertise, our attorneys are capable to provide its clients with a responsible and knowledgeable assessment that comprises the needs, perspectives and particularities of the industry.

Our lawyers have been consistently chosen by the most relevant companies in the field as their legal counselors and represented them in various legal ventures.


Andrés Jaramillo Hoyos

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  • Ingenio Manuelita
  • Riopaila Castilla
  • Ingenio La Cabaña
  • Fondo para el Financiamiento del Sector Agropecuario –Finagro
  • Fedepalma